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Showchef -Private Chef from israel

Want to do something? A special evening with your lover, original bachelorette party, or surprise birthday celebration? Service core company SHOWCHEF is Private Chef Services - In this service, private chef our professional, David Gol, a veteran of many years in cooking, will come to your house and cook the finest delicacies for any event, party or surprise - from breakfast for two and quiet to dinner party with a few dozen guests. Why private chef? Because there is no more original and fun to surprise all your family members - food connects people, and private chef knows how to prepare the most delicious food. Having a private chef - fun guaranteed! How does it work?

שף בבית

During your call using the chef to coordinate arrival for you, the chef will ask you to point out the kind of menu, the bathroom that you would like the big event, special ingredients, the character of the event, and more. The chef will record everything and make preparations himself for that event. Yesterday the big event, and on occasion, the chef will buy all the products needed for the meal - to ensure you have fresh and quality products. Products are bought in shops quality, and without compromising the raw materials. Occasionally, private chef will come 2 hours prior to the event, settling and begin get yourself ready for the meal. Hence, the continued nature from the event is up to you: If your meal is limited, the chef prepare the meal and serve it to you, if it is a celebration or event with many participants, the chef will cook your meal in front of my eyes your audience, coupled with explanations, tips, recipes, audience participation and humor.

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