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After twenty-five of experience, I still think that the best way of selling handmade jewelry and handcrafted unique gifts would be to take part in art and craft shows. You can sell much better should you meet people and talk with them. So they will know you the artist better and they'll possess a better feel of the handmade jewelry creations. Touching your jewelry, learning it is made and placing a friendly face behind it will make the world of difference in selling. The jewellery may have more value for them within an emotional way.

For handmade jewelry artisans only starting out there is no better chance to learn than craft fairs. Meeting your customers in person, understanding what they are looking for and what they need is the first step toward an effective handmade jewelry business. You'll quickly determine what your target market is and what niche market you should focus on.

There are lots of, if not thousands, of craft shows throughout the United States. Getting started local shows are wonderful because they are usually cheaper and much more easy to do. You'll discover the easiest method to display your handmade earrings, handcrafted necklaces and handmade bracelets as well as meeting other local craftspeople. Should they have been doing craft shows for some time they'll understand all the shows in the area which are worth doing and steer you from the fairs that are pointless.

Once you are ready you are able to venture into juried shows and national shows. These are very competitive so make certain your handmade jewelry is of the highest quality possible. Juried shows cost more to demonstrate at but these shows attract thousands of people who are thinking about all kinds of handmade gifts. After doing these crafts shows for a few years you will begin to have your personal following of standard customers.

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Larger craft shows will also be a great spot to meet local shop keepers who want to purchase your handcrafted jewelry and handmade gifts to offer for their customers. You will have to decide if you would like to wholesale jewelry too. It depends on the kind of handmade jewelry you're making and when you can produce enough handmade earrings and handmade bracelets in a reasonable price for store owners to sell well within their shops. Although you do not make as much profit per piece, you sell a lot more pieces at any given time. If you make really unique jewelry which has top quality and good prices, you will be able to make a lot more money overall if you decide to offer your handmade jewelry towards the wholesale jewelry market.

Lately I have noticed lots of handmade jewelry artisans on the internet. Even though it is relatively easy and cheap to create your personal handcrafted jewelry website, it takes a great deal of effort and time to position well in the search engines. A lot of jewelry artisans are not making anything and becoming frustrated online. Make an effort to craft shows. There is nothing better than having someone ooh and aah over your handmade jewelry, not only leaving a comment to obtain a backlink. At the end of the day you have some money in your wallet and a great sense of achievement that will energize you to definitely produce the most unique handcrafted jewelry ever.

We have done craft shows for many years and we also wholesale our work. The best selling technique is you. Your personality is the advantage over the rest of the handmade jewelry out there. Online no one knows the real you but at craft shows your individuality shines. People are drawn to not just the unique handmade jewelry on display but to your friendly smiling face. The conversation that develops will leave your customer with a great sense of understanding the artist personally who created their favorite set of handmade earrings and handmade bracelets.

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