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The iPhone 5 is new and glossy. The unit is 20% lighter and 18% thinner than its predecessors are. You just need to protect the unit now with good iPhone accessories. However, there are so many accessories that you cannot use with the phone because the whole shape and also the size of the phone are changed now. It's a brand new outcome of the product development from Apple and your old accessories might not work with the brand new phone, unlike they did with the previous ones.

1) The unit changed its dock connector from a 30-pin connector to only 19 pin. People who had bought the 30-pin connector, the headphones along with other add-ons, now cannot use the accessories using the 19-pin dock port.

2) Those individuals who believed that the iPhone 5 would be similar to the iPhone 4 and you can make use of the previously custom designed, loveable cases and covers using the iPhone 5, there is this heart breaking news to you. All of the cost goes to waste as the iPhone 5 is much slicker and thinner compared to previous iPhone.

iphone accessories

3) Because the iPhone is very lightweight, you have to be careful while looking for accessories to make use of by using it for defense. The case or cover you have to get for its protection shouldn't be lighter in weight. Neither your pocket nor you will ever know that the telephone is not there in your wallet anymore. Your accessory will not even protect it if both of them are light and thinner. Get something in leather and not in silicone. Go produced in metal as well.

4) Don't choose 3rd party peripheral devices for the iPhone 5. The genuine add-ons you utilize with the iPhone 5 will be good. The other accessories you purchase without guarantee that they're not going to upset the functioning of the iPhone 5 itself should not be bought. Including speakers, headphones, printer cables, TV plug-ins etc. All you need is to buy the accessories from Apple, certain to work and never harm the iPhone 5 in return.

Therefore, while buying the phone ensure that all of the accessories that you might want to use by using it can be found in the name of apple and not any 3rd party dealer's name. This precaution is very important and can save your expensive gadget from different problems.

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